«Hidden Entourage»

Late in post-pandemic 2021 a stunningly abundant Palazzo Brancaccio in Rome will host a solo exhibition by Supaform, a Moscow-based design studio.
A collection of eight objects disguised as furniture pieces will temporarily fill this copiously decorated venue, connecting centuries of art and design heritage.
»Hidden Entourage« is a visual experiment that offers a beholder to get rid of an assumption that design is doomed to serve a utilitarian function.
For once we stop expecting day-to-day objects to serve us, once we agree to let go of total control over them, they shine with pure emotion and undeniable beauty that does not need a reason.
All design and art by Supaform / Maxim Scherbakov
Photography by Serena Eller
Curated by Giacomo Guidi
Gallery and spaces by Contemporary cluster