Coffee table

Yalta Foyer

imaginary spaces

«Yalta foyer» is a series of 3d illustrations and drawings. The main task was not to make illustrations,
but rather to analyze and visualize impressions and memorable artistic images accumulated during the journey to post-Soviet resorts.
This visual art was created in order to search for new forms, color combinations and play of light and space.

Yalta chair

The Yalta chair is an ironic paraphrase for the luxurious resorts of the Soviet Union.
Yalta in Soviet times was a symbol of resort life for all Soviet residents.
Many dreamed of spending a vacation in Yalta on a trip.
Yalta chair was created under the impression of the time when
the stay in the sanatorium was in weight of gold.
Stylistically, the chair refers to the aesthetics of romantic brutalism
and the extraordinary constructions of the Yalta coast.


Stationery kit

K-1 means «Konstruktor-1». The name was inspired by Soviet construction toys. K-1 is a construction set for a stationery and also It has modular system with a wide range of variations. Every kit part has it’s own unique function and colaborate with each other. For instance a little casket box could transform into phone stand. All kit parts are fitting together, so anyone can build their own stationary system and than modify and playing with it. The main basis element is a pencil case and other elements are adjusted to it. All set made of maple, white marble and copper.