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«Hidden Entourage»

Late in post-pandemic 2021 a stunningly abundant Palazzo Brancaccio in Rome will host a solo exhibition by Supaform, a Moscow-based design studio.
A collection of eight objects disguised as furniture pieces will temporarily fill this copiously decorated venue, connecting centuries of art and design heritage.
»Hidden Entourage« is a visual experiment that offers a beholder to get rid of an assumption that design is doomed to serve a utilitarian function.
For once we stop expecting day-to-day objects to serve us, once we agree to let go of total control over them, they shine with pure emotion and undeniable beauty that does not need a reason.
All design and art by Supaform / Maxim Scherbakov
Photography by Serena Eller
Curated by Giacomo Guidi
Gallery and spaces by Contemporary cluster

Supaform’s apartment


Coffee table


Homy gallery

Sight Unseen



For Sight Unseen Offsite

Supaform’s latest collection — a shelf, chair, coffee table, bench, and lamp called Fancy-Routine and debuting at Offsite Online — possess similar characteristics to those in his imagined renderings: clean, curvy lines; off-kilter forms; and a resistance to revealing how exactly they come together. Composed of what he calls «rusty metal», Maxim Scherbakov says his starting point for the collection was the idea of degradation — how even a shiny chrome surface can be eaten away if it’s left long enough.


Supaform has created this chair, made especially
for the «Collectible» design fair in Brussels.
The Shiny chair is metal made but it gets a very poetic
and delicate look, merging geometrical and natural forms.
The chair is delicately handmade with some decorative
sloppiness in metal surface treatment.