Case Study

Furniture collection


For Sight Unseen Offsite

Supaform’s latest collection — a shelf, chair, coffee table, bench, and lamp called Fancy-Routine and debuting at Offsite Online — possess similar characteristics to those in his imagined renderings: clean, curvy lines; off-kilter forms; and a resistance to revealing how exactly they come together. Composed of what he calls «rusty metal», Maxim Scherbakov says his starting point for the collection was the idea of degradation — how even a shiny chrome surface can be eaten away if it’s left long enough.


Supaform has created this chair, made especially
for the «Collectible» design fair in Brussels.
The Shiny chair is metal made but it gets a very poetic
and delicate look, merging geometrical and natural forms.
The chair is delicately handmade with some decorative
sloppiness in metal surface treatment.

Disused commode


On Pokrovka st.



The armchair was created as a part of the «Normative» collection, which was shown in Milan Design Week 2019. This surreal “Normative” collection makes advances to the Soviet everyday life of the ’50-’70s and it’s features. The Collection is a Supaform’s thoughts about the existence of a fantasy soviet reality in which neo-classicism was not been forced out by the principle of utility and efficiency. Under such circumstances, the furniture would remain normative and would not lose its originality and uniqueness at the same time. This modern armchair is made of high quality wood with a pronounced fiber pattern.

Como house



The collection is based on the digital artwork, which makes advances to classical antique shapes. Composed of simple forms, it refers the viewer to the perception of the lost heritage. The concept provides an opportunity to reflect on no-longer-existing objects of life.



The Apart chair refers to the classics of the Russian avant-garde, which was stopped by the Soviet regime in its native country in the early 30s. There were a lot of genius designers and artists from Russia who dropped to the foreign countries. The main theme of the chair is to reflect the feeling of the piece which is located in the foreign space. The Apart Chair was designed especially for SightUnseen Offsite show.


The bar is located in the Soviet resort restaurant Cascade in Sochi, which is currently closed. The new bar occupies only a small part and is located in the most beautiful part of the building — in the foyer.
The main task was to keep the spirit of the time and delicately create a new interior, using the already existing stylistics